Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Learn the Basics of Annualized Geo Solar Home Construction

Zero Net Energy Consumption Homebuilding Workshop

June 28, 2014 - 10:00-4:30

Learn the basics of Annualized Geo Solar home construction in a one-day workshop.

AGS uses stored solar energy to provide heat in the winter and to keep temperatures cool in the summer. With enough sun exposure, any building site has the capacity for AGS.

The workshop will be held in a 2000 sq ft. AGS building on Chuckleberry Community Farm in Beasley. The off-grid building combines AGS and solar panels to provide its own electricity, heating and hot water.

The facilitator Jon Scott has over 20 years of home-building experience. This workshop is great for those interested in building self-heating homes and greenhouses, as well as home building contractors.
Sponsored by Transition Nelson and CBT.

Register with John Alton:

$100 (please bring a lunch)
June 28, 10:00-4:30
4558 Awesomeview Road, Beasley

Friday, March 14, 2014

Springing along!

Spring has sprung at Chuckleberry Farms!

And the Microgreens in our greenhouse are growing better than ever with the nice warm weather.

Our farm is currently seeking volunteers on harvest days Monday and Friday mornings. Learn about our growing techniques, Geosolar greenhouse and you'll likely get a bag of sprouts to boot!

As spring edges nears there will be much more volunteering opportunities awaiting; help to plant our crops for the coming growing season, enjoy an organic meal and some lovely company.

Contact us for further details at or at (250)359-6669.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ooh Shoot(s)!

Tis the Microgreen Season! As our Kootenay winter settles in, fresh Microgreens are shooting up from the greenhouse of Chuckleberry Community Farms. We are proud to officially announce the expansion phase of our Organic Micro green/Shoots business. As you may know, Chuckleberry currently acts as the primary Microgreen supplier for a majority of the restaurants throughout the Nelson community. With the help of our green thumbed Interns, Chuckleberry Farms is extending our reach to several retail and grocery store establishments from Nelson to Castlegar! Further, we would like to share our products to the online community! Currently we offer three varieties of Microgreens: Daikon Radish Shoots, Sunflower Shoots and Pea Shoots. Our products come in several sizes and prices are as follow.

Orders may be placed at Microgreens Online and picked up form Organic Matters wholesale organic food suppliers at 3505 Highway 6, Nelson BC twice weekly on Monday and Friday evenings. For more information on Organic Matters and their business hours visit their website at Contact us at (250) 359-6669 or at in order to make alternate arrangements. Happy Holidays from all of us at Chuckleberry Farms!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Farm Photos


Our 40 panelled solar system powers our annualized geosolar greenhouse to be fully off grid backed up by a methane generator. Our Rooftop Gardens are fed with an automated drip line irrigation system which draws from our catchment water system with a solar pump. Our solar hot water collector provides hot water for our rooftop hot top and domestic water needs.

we have 20 raised and insulated garden beds which operate year round. The Beds are raised 30" high, feature a single layer poly exterior with a double thickness of remay row covers to support productivity right through the winter season.

Many wildflower and berry bushes abound in the chuckleberry landscape.

Chuckleberry Commmunity supports itself through the operation of an Organic Shoots business. This business is the primary supplier to the restaurants in nelson BC. 

The sprout harvest is a community event that takes place on monday and friday mornings and is concluded with a celebratory raw cacao and berry crepe breakfast. 

Jerusalem artichokes nourished by our automated drip irrigation system.

Weve engineered the soil in our beds to be fertile enough to support both spring and fall planting cycles.

Chuckleberry is Nestled in the heart of the selkirk mountains 7 miles west of nelson BC.

Chuckleberry grows a thousand pounds of winter squash each year!

Onions and Garlic growing in the rooftop garden of the chuckleberry annualized geosolar community center. Chuckleberry participates in farmers markets and garlic festivals each year.

Give PEAS a chance!!!!!

40 solar panels coupled with our annualized geo solar heating system support the chuckleberry community center to be a zero net energy green building fully provided for by the suns energy.

our solar hot water heater powers all of our domestic hot water needs as well as our solar hot tub.

How to contact us:  Jon Scott    250-359-6669 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Contact Us/Directions

Jon Scott
Phone: 250-359-6669


From Nelson BC Drive 8 Minutes West towards Castlegar, take a right on Beasley Rd. Take another right on Bains Rd. Drive nearly to the end of the road and turn left onto Awesome View Rd. Stay right at the forks, park near the Gate. You have arrived! The Gate is electrified, but only the 3 wires pertruding from the gate are live. Welcome! 


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chuckleberry Slackline Park

Slacklining is literally finding balance in the moment. Balance is essential in our lives. Nature is the master of cycle and balance. The idea to bance on samething is an important party of many cultures. In ancient greek and roman times this art and practise was well known.

Benifits of slacklining:

-Calm your mind
-Improve your core stability
-Reconnect with yourself 
-Eliminate Stress
-Have fun learning a functional, new skill!

Chuckleberry's figure 4 slackline park!

Tyy Clark is an avid community member and slackline instructor who is willing to teach slacklining  upon request.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chuckleberry Project List Summer/Fall 2013

As well as extensive organic biodynamic gardening this season at Chuckleberry, we will be:

1) Growing Medicinal Mushrooms such as Reishi, oyster, shitake and integrating mycelium networks into our gardens

2) Building LED grow lights that will quadruple our growing capacity for the greenhouse during the lower light levels for this winter season.

3) Building a solar power food dehydrator that utilises the warm exhaust air from the Annualized Geo solar heating system of our greenhouse.

4)Converting our front bank into a machu picchu style terraced berrybush utopia including Goji Berry, Sea Buck

4) Setting up a Solar heated Hydrogen Peroxide hot tub with a world class view from the porch roof of our greenhouse.

5) Setting up our Bokashi composting system which will turn kitchen compost into rich soil in 20 days!

6) Converting our manually operated 3 tier Barrel composter into an automatic solar driven composter that turns organic matter into pristine soil in less that a week. 

7) Completing our Solar powered DC Fridge which utilizes the warm exaust air to power a dehydrator directly above the fridge for optimal utilization of energy.

8) Preserving, caning and drying the bounty of our gardens including pesto, salsa, sour kraut, kimchi, water kiefer, milk keifer, and more for our winter cupboard.